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Looking for a sleep savior during your long & exhausting travel period? Try, TravelBuddy, which makes your traveling much more enjoyable. 

A Travel Pillow for everyone, at any time in everywhere. 

While sleeping on a long-distance plane, train or bus is usually uncomfortable: falling asleep always wakes you up with a neck cramp because of poor posture because sleeping upright is a natural position.  

The solution is a perfect travel pillow that provides much-needed support for the neck and head and reduces pain and discomfort associated with the upright sleeping position while traveling. TravelBuddy targets this sleeping situation. It provides much-needed extra support around your neck or the back of your head.  

TravelBuddy is an ergonomic version of the traditional style pillow filled with memory foam that sets you up for sleep so deep while its microfiber cover is incredibly soft against your skin throughout the journey.  

  • Material
    • Made with memory foam that manages to be soft, springy, and supportive of protecting the head & neck from pain and provides the ultimate relaxation.
    • It is space-saving: the material can be compressed down to ½ its size.
    • The materials' cushy yet return-back technology maintains the shape after every use.
    • Super soft, velvety pillow cover made from microfibers provides maximum comfort during travel.
    • Pillowcase is sweat-resistant and machine washable, giving you a fresh and clean pillow on your journey.
  • Features
    • Pillow is made with high-quality memory foam that supports the head and neck perfectly and soft microfiber that gives your skin gentle care & comfort.
    • The unique cushiony design fits people of different heights and sizes equally well and allows front-side sleeping support.
    • Its high-grip button system provides a stronghold onto the seat, preventing slips.
    • Side pocket keeps your phone securely while listening to your favorite music.
    • • It clips directly to your luggage with the hook attached.
  • Where
    • TravelBuddy provides extra support when on a plane, train, bus, or car.
    • It is also ideal to use when watching TV and reading at home. Or as a lightweight option for camping or backpacking trips.
    • TravelBuddy is a perfect gift for your family & friends.

Our Product

Travel Buddy Pillow - Blue

Ensures your head & neck stay cradled in place. Its unique design, premium super cozy memory foam mold, super soft cover help prevent the head from falling and reduce stiffness & soreness, making you relaxed throughout your entire journey. The pillow is 30x30x8x15 cm.

Travel Buddy Pillow - Pink

Say goodbye to neck cramps and wake up looking fresh. With non-slip backing, this memory foam pillow keeps against your seat and prevents it from slipping or moving around, allowing you to get much-needed rest. It is also super soft, lightweight (30x30x8x15 cm), and easy to clean!

Your best traveling partner

What makes TravelBuddy your best traveling partner?Because TravelBuddy is designed to target aches and pain with muscle strain when sleeping upright. It provides much-needed extra support around your neck or the back of your head that leaves you relaxed and helps get a bit of shut-eye, making your travel easier, not more burdened. It comes in two different colors, blue and pink. 


Seat-sleepers love TravelBuddy because of its one-size-fits-all travel pillow design. TraveBuddy is firm enough to support your head and neck, strong enough to hold onto the seat while you are sleeping, super soft enough to fall asleep on. What’s more, it is perfectly portable and easy to clean. 

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