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About us?

DocPain is a unique brand that specializes in high-quality natural tattoo aftercare products. By combining potent naturally derived ingredients, ancient rituals, and modern science, DocPain creates tattoo aftercare products that are safe and efficacious.  

Our products focus on providing the most effective natural solutions in the healthiest way possible, without the harmful effects of harsh chemicals and fillers.  

When you buy a high-end luxury fragrance, you are paying for anything and everything but the fragrance. We stripped away the extravagant costs of vanity, and have passed all the money saved on marketing gimmicks and other nonsense, right to you.

Why us?

We understand the extra Treatment, Love, and Care (TLC) needed for tattoo aftercare. That’s why we formulate, develop and manufacture to care diligently the skin with a fresh tattoo design. By means of modern science and ancient wisdom, with an expert panel, DocPain offers the safest and the most effective solution available. 

Our products are made with a hundred percent naturally derived ingredients. An ingredient or formula includes plant, mineral, and/ or marine vegetation that undergoes chemical changes through biological processes, including fermentation, distillation, and cold processing. Moreover, all our formulations adhere to strict purity standards and never contain harsh or toxic ingredients and controversial ingredients (Free from Parabens, Petroleum, Pesticides, Propylene, Phthalates, Sulfates, GMO, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Color, and Synthetic Fragrances etc) 

DocPain products are perfect for all skin types and ethnicities. 

Absolutely No Animal Testing.